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회의실 사업
회의실 사업

How to write competitive offers

Win a competitive offer / get the best bargain regardless of the competition

There are some people who have seen offers fell to 15 times when it was in the middle of a seller market. 4-5 times are normal. You must have heard the expressions “I fell again” from your acquaintances at least once.

On the other hand, in our case, even in the hottest seller market, the offer closing rate is around 70%. Other agents don't believe it. Is there any special secret? You can see below why our offers always compete for the first or second place in a multi-offer situation.

From the listing agent's point of view, when 10 offers are received, only 2-3 offers are written neatly and convincingly. If buyers know how their agent represents them, they will probably be amazed.

The reason to write an offer well...

  • It is primarily to beat competing buyers.

  • Not to mention the seller market, it is easy to get a good home from the buyer market.

  • Even if you don't have competition, you need to write your offers to get a good bargain from sellers.

  • And the contract fulfillment work is smooth when the offer is written well.

Buyers should look for agents who do these things better than those who are flashy and good at speaking.

How to write a killer offer

1. Beyond the numbers... (Go Beyond the Numbers)

2. Maintain objectivity

3. Buyer agent's sincere attitude

4. Reasonable offer price

5. Proceeding faithfully to customs and practices

6. Know the seller's situation

7. Thorough loan preparation and document attachment work

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