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Deciding where to move

Regardless of the east and west, the three main principles of real estate are Location, Location, and Location . The longer a property is, the new it is understood in different situations. Many people replace this principle with others.

  • Birdhouse, birdhouse, birdhouse

  • Detached house, detached house, detached house

  • 3 rooms, 3 rooms, 3 rooms

  • Low HOA fee, low HOA fee, low HOA fee

  • School district, school district, school district (although it is an important element of location…)

It's a good idea to narrow your candidate neighborhood down to one or two as much as possible before looking at your home "in earnest." If you are troubled by not being able to determine your neighborhood, please refer to the following information.

Work, environment, school district, development possibilities

  • The three main principles of real estate are Location, Location, and Location.

  • No one knows this, but few people understand the meaning properly.

  • Condominiums in good neighborhoods have better investment properties than single-family homes in bad neighborhoods.

  • An old house in a good neighborhood is more investable than a new house in a bad neighborhood.

  • In this part, a lot of people think backwards.

  • The fact that the neighborhood is good or bad has a very subjective aspect depending on the purpose and inclination.

  • In areas where house prices are expensive and steep increases in house prices are expected, rental costs are relatively weak. On the contrary, in areas where there is less anticipation for an increase in house prices, the rental cost is higher compared to the house price. Depending on the purpose of the investment, the good and bad neighborhoods for me can be different from one person to another.

  • For end users, the more subjective factor is at work.

  • No matter what anyone says, a neighborhood that suits me is a good neighborhood for me.

  • The characteristics of a neighborhood are a combination of various factors.

  • It can be classified into various categories, but the four most representative ones are the 1st, 2nd environment, 3rd district, 4th development possibility.

  • Which of these is the most important? Needless to say, it is “work”. No matter how much the other three are good, there can be no demand without work.

  • The fact that Koreantown Los Angeles is more expensive than Irvine, which is famous for its environmentally friendly and good school districts, suggests a lot.

5 fundamental causes of not being able to determine your neighborhood

  • If you haven't thought about it in depth

  • If you are not familiar with the geography and characteristics of this place

  • When you have a lot of options due to the fluid situation

If, even after studying and weighing enough, it is difficult to determine a neighborhood due to fluid conditions, it may be better to withhold the purchase of a home and wait for the situation to be cleared up to some extent.

  • If you are looking for a house you like and your range continues to expand

After going through the three steps above and deciding a neighborhood firmly, there are some people who cross the next neighborhood to the county line as they search for a house that they like. See Buyer's Permanent Mistake 10 No. 8.

  • If you have difficulty making decisions because of your perfectionist (=continuous milk) personality

Those with this tendency tend to be forced to make decisions only until they reach the point of “weary and cornered”. Needless to say, it's easy to make wrong judgments. In this case, rather than “alone”, it can be helpful to think and think “together” with family and friends.

Specific issues and methods for determining your neighborhood

  • Neighborhood study

I look hard at home, but unexpectedly, I tend to neglect my neighborhood studies. A little study can be a clue to solving the tense worries about the neighborhood. Websites such as Sperling's Best Place and Walkscore allow you to research neighborhoods, drive yourself, explore public facilities such as city hall, parks, libraries, and explore nearby commercial areas.

  • Process of Elimination (Narrowing the scope)

It is also a good idea to open a map and narrow it down to the Process of Elimination. If you mark the main activity areas where your work, school, church, and family live, and start removing those areas that aren't obvious, you can easily narrow your options. It is very helpful to open the map and look at it.

  • Commuting distance

If the commuting distance is too long, they often buy a house and regret it. The good thing about home is that it fades over time, but the commute time gets harder and harder. It is an important fact that it cannot be overemphasized even if it is emphasized several times.

  • Distance to specific commercial areas/facilities

If you are too far from a specific commercial area (eg, Korean market, church, etc.), it may be more uncomfortable than you thought. Making a list of commercial districts and facilities that I use frequently, and weighing the distances I travel, can be an important clue to finding a neighborhood that is right for me.

  • School district

It is quite subjective to say that the school district is good or bad. Depending on their educational philosophy (API grades, racial distribution, prestigious college acceptance rates, special programs...), a school district that is good for someone can be a school district that is bad for others. It would not be advisable to follow unconditionally that others are going. You can also refer to web sites that specialize in school information such as, and you can get various information from various social networks. But even with all of these things combined, the information you get from direct conversations with parents will not be able to keep up.

  • Hidden little town

You may have a false prejudice about a neighborhood. I thought it was a dangerous neighborhood, but there could be surprisingly safe alleys, and small neighborhoods that I didn't know well could hide. In LA alone, there are such neighborhoods hiding here and there. If you get help from a local expert who knows the characteristics of your neighborhood, you won't have to worry about this.

  • Retired parents

If lice or deusin dedicated parents can often see a look you go out with a very typical American neighborhood in a quiet suburb, lonely, frustrated air a lot. Even if it's a little complicated, a neighborhood where you can walk around and do some activities and meet people may be better.

  • Association between neighborhood and home

It is an iron rule of real estate that can act as an important factor in deciding a neighborhood. That is, a small house in a good neighborhood is better than a big house in a bad neighborhood. Many buyers make many decisions that contradict this principle. They compromise the neighborhood to buy a bigger, better house. If you do that, you will have a high chance to regret both in terms of investment and in terms of living.

  • My own feelings and preferences

It is a very subjective judgment to say that the neighborhood is good or bad. No matter what anyone says, a neighborhood that is good for me is good for me. In some old neighborhoods, the houses are old, but the land is large and there are many trees. The town on the mountain is poor in terms of feng shui geography, but for enterprising Americans, it is highly preferred because of its prospects.

Some prefer areas where many of the same Koreans live, and others prefer neighborhoods without Koreans. People who live in areas where many Hispanics live also say that it is not burdensome and comfortable. The sensitivity of the neighborhood's crime rate may be different for families with young children and families with only adults.

What I want to emphasize here is that I need the discipline and courage to choose a neighborhood that suits me with my own control. It is worth remembering that there are no neighborhoods where Koreans live in all areas of Southern California.

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