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It's a motto that may seem a bit clichéd and clichéd, but I don't think I'll change it forever. Until now, we have been selling real estate mainly in areas favored by Korean Americans in the suburbs of Boston. It's not a small career, but it's not a top agent either. It can be said that our strength is the service mind that focuses on each customer, rather than the corporate spirit of expanding the business scale.

Like a family

​Priority on the rights and interests of customers

It is an agent that provides differentiated professional services.


부동산 매매 전문가

최은경 & 신동엽 


Chris  &  Rick

​(크리스  &  릭 )

최은경,  신동엽

Sr. Global Real Estate Advisor, Realtor 

사람들이 박수

Client Reviews

Why should you work with us?


Realter like a family


1. We endeavor not to put any pressure on you to make comfortable decisions in the whole process of buying and selling your home.

The reason we do not burden our customers is to create the best environment for them to make the right trading decisions.

The tenacious “Sales Pressure” of many real estate agents goes beyond the psychological burden and makes it easy to reach out to customers with wrong buying decisions.

The reason we can not put pressure on our clients is because we are essentially working as "Consultant" rather than "Sales Person."

​This is because home sales are a concept of consuling, not a concept of sales, because once a customer is a life-long customer.


Differentiated Services

2. We do our best to do basic tasks that are inconspicuous to customers.

What most clients don't realize is that 90% of the quality of real estate services depends on basic work. Accurate market analysis, efficient marketing, meticulous paperwork, thorough search for properties, and recommending appropriate offer prices are all part of the agent's basic job, but it is not easy to do well. Although all agents do seem similar, this is why the quality of service varies widely.

Please remember that the differentiation of real estate services can be so glamorous or inconspicuous.

3. There are also our special strengths and weapons.

  • Analytical power: I often have to analyze complex data and numbers. I hate to do it with fists, so we made our own real estate calculator.

  • Appeal: Real estate has a surprisingly large portion of writing. In many cases, detailed and persuasive writing skills play a big role in bargaining and problem solving. While studying in the United States, I wrote a lot, but it helps a lot with real estate.

  • Concentration: Real estate is so complex and has a lot of difficult things, so concentration is essential. There must be a little bit of a foul side. That's because if it's unnecessary, you can enjoy feelings and push through difficult and complex tasks without giving up.

4. I am bright with the characteristics of the local (Newton & Lexington) (school district).

I have lived in the Americas for more than 35 years and have lived in Boston alone for more than 20 years and have been working in real estate.

In particular, raising two children in this place and living in the neighborhood and school district ????


Pursuit of the best customer rights and interests

5. We strive to work conscientiously.

If you have all of the above 3-4 qualities, it is truly a good agent. However, if you don't have the 5th qualities, you can never be a good agent.

It is the spirit of thorough service and a correct conscience that sincerely protects the safety and profits of our customers. When a real estate agent sticks to his own interests, almost without exception, the customer loses. Skilled agents who combine diligence and skillfulness can be seen as boring, but there are not so many agents armed with a spirit of service and a clean conscience on top of that. Probably very few? Wouldn't it be the same in any field? Wouldn't it be great if you could get help from a real estate agent with all of these qualities?

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