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회의실 사업
회의실 사업

List of things to do before moving

1. Things to know in advance

(Ask seller before Closing)

  • Water, Gas, Electric, Furnace Main Switch location

  • How to operate the Sprinkler, Thermostat, Remote Control, Lock, Fireplace

  • Electrical Panel location

  • Cable, Phone Line location

  • A/C Filter type

  • Trash Pickup Date

2. Utility change application in advance

  • Electric

  • Water

  • Trash/Sewer

  • Gas

  • Cable/Internet

3. Preparation for moving

  • If you are currently renting, make a notice 1-2 months in advance

  • Moving company reservation (4-6 weeks in advance) (More may be required depending on the season)

  • In the case of house construction or repair, find out the people who are constructing in advance and make a plan (there may not be the time when the people who are constructing and I need to move in)

  • Start with enough time to organize your luggage.

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