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Only two things buyers pay attention to

Why most marketing tools don't work

The only two things buyers are interested in when looking at a house are, of course, house and price. The secret to selling a good house is simple. The focus is on preparing the house itself (including staging ) and setting the right price. In addition, in order to inform potential buyers of the prepared house, “marketing” is conducted. In many cases, the preparation of the house and the appropriate price setting are neglected and only “marketing” is the risk. Why? The reason is because of the agents. What is the real purpose and reason of the various marketing tools that agents put so much emphasis on to sell a house?

There are several representative marketing tools that agents appeal to sellers to receive listings. Emphasize how important they are and how well you have sold your home for them. I will openly talk about the real purpose and reason of the tools. First of all, let's cut down the unimportant ones and talk about the really important marketing tools.

Marketing tools that are less important than you think

Listing agent

Consider the time of a buyer. Have you ever been interested in who the listing agent is, the top agent in the neighborhood, etc. when looking for a house? Of course not. Buyers have no interest in listing agents.

However, what listing agents emphasize most in order to receive listings is their performance and reputation. Nothing to say. Of course, it is very important. However, the listing agent's performance and reputation “in itself” has nothing to do with selling this house. Sellers are looking for top agents because of the "skills" that they assume will lie behind that track record and reputation.

And the agent's "skills" that sellers should be most interested in are primarily in two areas. How to prepare the first house and how to set the second price. Uh, isn't it natural? Should I use it like this? no. There are not many sellers who understand this. Even many agents don't seem to understand this simple principle. If so, the conversation you have with the seller should be very different when you receive the listing. As a famous agent, there is no guarantee that he will do both of these things, which are essential to selling a house well.

Virtual Tour, Drone Photos, QR Code, FM Transmitter, Property Videos, etc.

Likewise, let's go back to the buyer's time. The reason I bought the house I live in now is because I liked the house and the price was reasonable. Virtual Tour There is no single buyer in the world who buys a cool butler. Of course, it's not that these tools are of no use at all. If you watch Virtual Tour on the Internet and come to see the house (though you may ask the question again, If you didn't have a Virtual Tour, then would you not come to see it?), it definitely helped to sell the house. Buyers who are on the border of whether or not to live may go home and think about it, and then see the Virtual Tour once more and make up their minds saying that's right. However, I don't think there are many cases where it plays a decisive role so far.

Anyway, these cutting-edge marketing tools have nothing to do with selling a house more than you might think. Agents have a much greater purpose to get listings by emphasizing themselves that I am doing this well. In other words, it is not for the promotion of the house the seller is trying to sell, but for the agent's own promotion.

Open house

Open houses still play an important role. There are important objectives such as grasping the market atmosphere and creating an auction atmosphere by inviting buyers together at the beginning. However, in general, once or twice the first time is sufficient. And it's much more important to allow buyers to come and see the house at any time, rather than repeating the open house. Anyway, the agents who work hard on the open house repeatedly have different reasons. Open House is a great opportunity for agents to meet and discover customers. This, too, is more about growing the agent's own business than selling a house well.

All kinds of prints such as Just Listed/Just Sold Postcard, Flyers, etc.

They are all in the same vein. It shouldn't be a hindrance to selling a house, but the purpose of promoting the agent is large. It has little to do with selling a house well.

For Sale Sign

In the past, there was a time when buyers were driving around the neighborhoods they were interested in and looking for houses on the market through a For Sale sign. Now, even without a For Sale sign, buyers are looking at their phones and come to visit us. Now, when buyers come to their homes, they act as a milestone between the last few houses. However, the reason why agents sign a For Sale without exception is also for the agent's own promotion.

Social networking

Social networking, such as Facebook, Instagram, Google+, etc., is a tool for most agents to communicate with existing customers and also for agent promotion. In most cases, it is of little use to promote housing. No matter how many customers are agents, there are hundreds of them. There are tens of thousands of Internet users. If there is an agent who claims to sell a house better through these tools, it can be understood as an overstatement.

Newspaper/Magazine Ad

As of 2019, I don't have to talk about it complicatedly. Now, there are not many people who are older or looking for a sale in the newspaper. Newspaper/magazine ads are almost entirely for agent promotion.

I hope there is no misunderstanding. It's not that it's bad for agents to promote themselves. That way, the agents also eat and live. We also use the tools listed above while selling our homes. By the way, the reason why the real estate world is so dare to talk about is that the core is blurred because of these many tools that agents actually use larger for their own promotion purposes. Too many cases are neglected to prepare the house itself, which is really important, and these glamorous marketing tools of agents or the agent's fame will sell the house well.

The most important marketing tools to sell your home well

1. Photo

There is not much to be said about it. The most important marketing tool is photography. The fundamental goal of home marketing tools is to get buyers home. When searching for a property, whether it is an agent or a buyer, they usually only look at the photos. Buyers come if you take a good picture and upload it. (That doesn't mean we'll only take pictures. Again, we also use a lot of the marketing tools listed above. Otherwise, sellers become anxious. There's something else to be anxious about…)

What's really surprising is that more than half of the agents still don't try to put up good photos when selling their homes. It has changed a lot over the past few years, but there are still quite a few times when I feel cramped looking at the photos. And what's surprising is that most sellers don't know or care about this. (Some sellers, on the contrary, are too obsessed with photography. It's enough to get buyers interested and come to the house. It doesn't have to be perfect. Again, what we're obsessing with in the preparation stage is the preparation of the house itself and setting the proper listing price. .)

2. Enriched information

Once they are interested in photos, etc., the next thing buyers do is to read the listings. For sale information, there should be five elements.

  • Accuracy: Surprisingly, agents often make mistakes. If you have 4 rooms but 3, you may miss important buyers. Sometimes they put it in the wrong area and sometimes put a condo into a detached house. There are also cases in which the school district is not properly promoted. Misinformation can cause legal problems beyond discomfort.

  • Depth: If I neglect to research and collect information about the house I am selling, I cannot put in-depth information on the property. It does not list only superficial facts that can be seen by looking at the photos, such as granite countertops or walk-in closet (usually it is done that way), but it is hidden in one cover so that buyers can not go crazy and sell the contents and charm of the house. It is important to be informed.

  • Selectivity: There are a lot of things I want to tell buyers and show off, but because space is limited, I can't put them all. The contents that buyers are most curious about and must inform about should be strategically selected and posted.

  • Imagination: Using a little imagination and drawing life in the house like a “picture” rather than something that is obvious to anyone can be an effective tool to appeal the charm of the house.

  • Confidence and Enthusiasm: When an agent is not confident and confident in the house he sells, his words are weak and persuasive. It is important to have such a mind first, and you need to know how to express it well in short texts. Efforts to put good listings on the Internet don't end there. The knowledge and attachment to the house arising in the process is expected to come out from conversations and bargains with buyers.

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