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How to make the best deal?

Are you prepared to kill your pride and temper?

Real estate bargaining is not a hit-and-run fight, but a brain/strategy fight like chess or go. So, rather than being strong and tough, prudence and precision are much more important.

1. Jipijigi is a world-class victory.

The most important thing in real estate bargaining is knowing the market price. If a seller doesn't know the price of his home, he can insist on a higher price even though a good offer came in and miss a good buyer. If the buyer doesn't know the market price, buy a cheaper house cheaper

Everyone misses another good opportunity.

It is also important to know the customs of real estate. Everyone else spends 2-3% of the down payment, but if I insist on spending only 1% on my own, I will of course be pushed out of the rankings. The contingency period is usually given to buyers in around two weeks, but if you insist on giving it only one week, you may miss another good buyer.

It is also very important to know the other person's disposition. If the other person is a principleist, it is better to follow the principle even if the problem is only $1. If the other person is an emotional person, it would be good to bargain in a warm, human language.

2. You need to be in good timing.

The phrase Time is of the essence (time is all) is the philosophical rule of real estate that if you are a real estate agent, you listen to get nails in your ears. When it comes to real estate bargaining, timing is very important. It shouldn't be too fast and it shouldn't be too slow. It's a good idea to slow down by one beat when offers and counter offers come and go. If it's too fast, you think you're in a hurry and the other person looks down on it. However, if you take too much time, you may miss out on good opportunities. Requests for repairs must be made on time, and if the time is missed, the effect will be lost.

Sometimes you have to wait silently. If the other party is running around to solve the problem and rushing too much, you may get tired and run away. Sometimes you have to ask persistently in a short amount of time. Otherwise, it can be taken as a meaning that it is okay to skip it.

3. Sincere communication can be another important key to bargaining.

Real estate bargaining should be meticulous and cool. However, on the other hand, there are many times when sincere communication exerts an unexpected power. It is instinctive to try not to be weakened by the other party in real estate transactions. And that's right. However, sometimes showing my weaknesses as they are and having open conversations can bring unexpected good results.

4. Newton's laws of action and reaction also apply to real estate transactions.

If I go out hard, the other side comes out stronger, and if I come out reasonably, the other side comes out reasonably. If you use the price too low when inserting an offer, sellers also tend to use the counter offer hard. Conversely, if you write it in the right line, the seller responds at the right line as well. If you say you won't fix anything, you'll ask for it to fix everything, and if you show your sincerity to fix it to some extent, the other side tends to make some concessions. Going hard in real estate transactions unconditionally is the main culprit in ruining transactions.

5. Be cool.

Never lose your temper. Many people easily lose their temper. Even those who usually seem bold and relaxed tend to become extremely sensitive once they start a real estate transaction strangely. Even if the other person deviates from the degree a little, you cannot forgive. If you lose your temper, the consequences are obvious. A real estate transaction is about trying to save $100 and losing $10,000 and waiting for a year because you can't stand a day.

There are cases where there are only two choices: a little or a lot of loss when the opponent comes out really deadly. In that case, you have to choose to lose a little and finish. It's not easy, but that's a real bargain.

6. Depending on how you say the same thing, it can be the difference between heaven and earth.

The proverb of repaying the light for a word is not a metaphor in real estate transactions. If you speak with consideration for the other person's feelings and circumstances, it is impossible to say anything, and even a rude word ruined a transaction. The role of real estate agents in this area is absolute. If the real estate agent doesn't act as a cushion in the middle, you don't know how many deals will break after fighting over nothing. Sometimes, there are agents that do not act as a cushion, but act as a problem amplifier to expand the problem by rudely running around.

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