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    Real Estate Transaction Specialist ​ Shin Dong-yeop & Choi Eun-kyung Rick & Chris Sr. Global Real Estate Advisor, Realtor ​ ​ Real estate specialist with expertise and know-how in the Boston area The rieolteo. ​ Whether you're looking for a home for the first time, looking for a rented home, or selling your home, we'll help you make the best choice for your investment, whatever transaction you want. Through more than 30 years of experience in the United States and real estate experience, We will do our best until the deal is concluded. 미국 주택 구입 절차 총정리 service information ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Trading, investment counseling ​ Inquiries and Consultation ​ ​ View For Sale ​ Real estate transactions are a big deal, so making decisions based on careful and accurate information is paramount. We will guide you in detail through reliable property information. Real estate appraisal ​ Our company provides real estate appraisal services, We have built up a wealth of experience and expertise to make the process go through. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. ​** Key information for buyers** Buyer Check List **Key information for sellers** Seller to-do list Home sales strategy Rick & Chris Choi ​ ​ Boston Homes/Condos It is a realtor specializing in trading. ​ With the same heart as family, Putting the customer's rights and interests first, We promise to give provide differentiated professional services. ​ question submission Copyright 2021 Boston Choi All rights reserved.

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    It's a motto that may seem a bit clichéd and clichéd, but I don't think I'll change it forever. Until now, we have been selling real estate mainly in areas favored by Korean Americans in the suburbs of Boston. It's not a small career, but it's not a top agent either. It can be said that our strength is the service mind that focuses on each customer, rather than the corporate spirit of expanding the business scale. ​ ​ Like a family ​Priority on the rights and interests of customers It is an agent that provides differentiated professional services. 부동산 매매 전문가 ​ 최은경 & 신동엽 Chris & Rick Sr. Global Real Estate Advisor, Realtor Chris & Rick ​(크리스 & 릭 ) 최은경, 신동엽 Sr. Global Real Estate Advisor, Realtor 보스턴 OKTA 한인 경제인협회 회원 투자 설명회 보기 Client Reviews Why should you work with us? Realter like a family Comfort 1. We endeavor not to put any pressure on you to make comfortable decisions in the whole process of buying and selling your home. ​ The reason we do not burden our customers is to create the best environment for them to make the right trading decisions. The tenacious “Sales Pressure” of many real estate agents goes beyond the psychological burden and makes it easy to reach out to customers with wrong buying decisions. The reason we can not put pressure on our clients is because we are essentially working as "Consultant" rather than "Sales Person." ​This is because home sales are a concept of consuling, not a concept of sales, because once a customer is a life-long customer. Differentiated Services ​ 2. We do our best to do basic tasks that are inconspicuous to customers. ​ What most clients don't realize is that 90% of the quality of real estate services depends on basic work. Accurate market analysis, efficient marketing, meticulous paperwork, thorough search for properties, and recommending appropriate offer prices are all part of the agent's basic job, but it is not easy to do well. Although all agents do seem similar, this is why the quality of service varies widely. Please remember that the differentiation of real estate services can be so glamorous or inconspicuous. 3. There are also our special strengths and weapons. Analytical power: I often have to analyze complex data and numbers. I hate to do it with fists, so we made our own real estate calculator. Appeal: Real estate has a surprisingly large portion of writing. In many cases, detailed and persuasive writing skills play a big role in bargaining and problem solving. While studying in the United States, I wrote a lot, but it helps a lot with real estate. Concentration: Real estate is so complex and has a lot of difficult things, so concentration is essential. There must be a little bit of a foul side. That's because if it's unnecessary, you can enjoy feelings and push through difficult and complex tasks without giving up. 4. I am bright with the characteristics of the local (Newton & Lexington) (school district). I have lived in the Americas for more than 35 years and have lived in Boston alone for more than 20 years and have been working in real estate. In particular, raising two children in this place and living in the neighborhood and school district ???? ​ ​ Pursuit of the best customer rights and interests ​ 5. We strive to work conscientiously. If you have all of the above 3-4 qualities, it is truly a good agent. However, if you don't have the 5th qualities, you can never be a good agent. It is the spirit of thorough service and a correct conscience that sincerely protects the safety and profits of our customers. When a real estate agent sticks to his own interests, almost without exception, the customer loses. Skilled agents who combine diligence and skillfulness can be seen as boring, but there are not so many agents armed with a spirit of service and a clean conscience on top of that. Probably very few? Wouldn't it be the same in any field? Wouldn't it be great if you could get help from a real estate agent with all of these qualities? Copyright 2021 Boston Choi All rights reserved.

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    미국 주택 구입 절차 ​ 미국에서 집을 구입하는 과정은 한국에서 부동산을 사고 파는 과정과 다소 다릅니다. 따라서 미국 주택 구입 절차를 이해하고, 각 단계에 필요한 예산을 미리 확인하는 것이 필요합니다. 미국에서 주택을 구입하는 이유 VS 주택 구매 ​렌트 미국에서 렌트를 할 것인지 주택을 구입 할 것인지 고민하는 분들이 많이 있습니다. 특히 미국에서 얼마나 살지 모르는 경우에는 더욱 어렵습니다. 집 렌트 vs 집 사기 어떤 것이 더 유리할까? 집을 구입해야 하는지 결정하려면 먼저 렌트비와 주택 페이먼트를 비교해야합니다. 최근 몇 년 동안 모기지 금리가 떨어지면서, 다운 페이를 20% 이상 하실수 있으면 일반적으로 주택을 구입하는 것이 좋습니다. 미국 부동산은 다른 국가의 부동산보다 안전한 자산으로 평가됩니다. 한국에서도 많은 분들이 미국 부동산을 투자 목적으로 구입하고 있습니다. 미국 부동산 투자와 관련하여 미국인과 외국인 사이에는 차별이 거의 없습니다. 외국인의 부동산 투자에 우호적입니다. 그렇기 때문에 아시아, 유럽 등 많은 외국인 투자자들이 미국 부동산에 투자하고 있고, 한국에서도 미국 부동산 투자에 많은 관심을 보이고 있습니다. 미국 주택의 기본적인 구입 절차 설명 1 부동산 기본 ​지식 익히기 2 예산 범위 확인 ($)​ 3 지역 결정​ (Location) 6 집 찾기 (House) 5 사전 융자 승인 (Pre-Approval) 4​ 에이전트 선정 (Realtor)​ 7 오퍼 (Offer) 8 홈 인스펙션 (Inspection) 9 계약 (Purchase and Sale) 12​ 융자 승인 (Loan Approval) 11 주택 감정 ​(Appraisal) 10 융자 신청 ​ ​(Loan) 13 소유권 이전 (Title Transfer) 14 클로징 (Closing) ​ 미국 주택 구입 과정 ​ 미국 부동산에 대한 기본 지식 익히기 경험 많고 신뢰할 수 있는 부동산 에이전트를 만나면 별 문제 없이 진행되지만, 기본 적인 미국 부동산 지식 없이 한국 부동산 경험만 가지고 있으시면 곤란한 일이 많이 생길수 있습니다. ​ 예산 범위 확인 현금으로 사시는 경우가 아니면, 모든 사람들이 은행 대출을 해서 주택을 구매 합니다. 기본적으로 내가 얼마 정도의 페이먼트를 할 수 있는가를 알아보고, 그 액수에 맞추어서 집을 찾으시면 됩니다. ​ ​ 지역 선정 지역 결정을 하고 집을 찾으시는게 시간도 절약하고 힘도 덜 듭니다. 먼저, 식구들이 의논을 하신 다음, 우리가 제일 중요하게 생각하는 것이 무엇인지 알아보고, 그 중 1-2 또는 2-3 가지만 다시 압축해서 지역을 선정하시는게 좋습니다. 출 퇴근, 학군, 또는 다른 중요한 요소 등, 그리고 어떤 집으로 가고 싶은지 ( 하우스, 타운 하우스, 콘도 ) 결정을 내리시기 전, 주변분들에게 장, 단점을 알아보시는 것도 한 방법입니다. ​​ 에이전트 선정 풍부한 경험과 정직한 에이전트를 구하시는 것을 최우선으로 하셔야 합니다. 특히 처음 주택을 구매하시거나 경험이 부족하다면 이 모든 것을 에이전트와 처음부터 한발짝씩 같이 간다고 생각하시면 좋습니다. 또한, 바이어는 에이전트 수수료를 내지 않습니다. ​ 사전 융자 승인 집을 보러 가시기 전에 항상 사전 융자 승인(Pre-approval)을 먼저 받으셔야 합니다. 말 그대로 Pre-Approval 이라서 실제 융자가 승인이 됐다는게 아니지만, 오퍼시 같이 보내야 합니다. 기본적으로 상대방에게 이 정도 금액을 은행에서 빌릴수 있으니 당신 집을 살수 있다고 보여주는 승인서 입니다. ​ 집 찾기 부동산 에이전트만 볼수 있는 데이터 베이스로 원하시는 동네, 집 을 찾아서 분석하고 알려드립니다. 그리고, 오픈 하우스 또는 예약을 해서 집을 볼수 있습니다. ​​ 오퍼 집을 보고 마음에 들었으면 오퍼(계약서)를 작성해서 셀러에게 보내고, 셀러가 오퍼를 수락하면 계약 협상이 시작됩니다. 컨틴전시(contingency), 이것은 오퍼를 넣은다음 계약을 취소할 수 있는 조건들을 말합니다. 카운터 오퍼 셀러는 바이어의 오퍼에 대해 카운터 오퍼를 보낼수도 있고, 다시 보내온 셀러의 카운터 오퍼를 바이어가 다시 카운터 오퍼를 보낼수 있습니다. ​ ​ 홈 인스펙션 셀러가 오퍼를 수락하면 바이어는 홈 인스펙션을 진행합니다. 아주 특별한 경우 이 조항을 컨틴전시에 포함 시키지 않습니다(셀러스 마켓일때). 집에 무슨 큰 문제점이 있는지 알아보기 위해서 전문가를 고용합니다. 바이어와 에이전트가 같이 동행 할수 있습니다.​ 수리 또는 크레딧 인스펙션 리포트를 통해 문제점이 있으면, 셀러에게 수리 또는 크레딧을 요청 할 수 있습니다. 여기서 경험있는 에이전트의 차이점이 나타납니다. 어떻게 예기하냐에 따라 셀러가 바이어의 요구에 응할수도 없을수도 있습니다. (셀러스 마켓일때는 통하지 않습니다) ​ 계약 오퍼 내용을 기반으로 법적 구속력이있는 계약을 체결하는 단계입니다. ​ 융자신청 계약 내용에 따라 은행 대출을 신청하는 단계입니다. ​ 주택 감정 주택 감정은 은행이 주택 가치를 평가하는 과정입니다. 대출 승인 이전에 이루어지며, 평가 가격이 주택 구입 가격에 비해 너무 낮게 측정되면 대출이 않되기도 합니다. ​ ​ 융자승인 은행이 대출 심사를 완료 한 후 대출 승인 과정입니다. 서류가 제대로 제출되지 않았거나, 더 필요한 서류가 있다고 한다면 보통 1-2주 정도 더 시간이 소요 될수 있습니다. (특히 개인 비지니스 하시는 분) ​ ​ 소유권 이전 클로징 당일에 융자 금액이 송금됩니다. 그리고, 소유권 이전 등기를 신청하게 됩니다. 보통 오전에 등기 신청을 하면 오후 쯤에 이전되었다고 연락이 오게 됩니다. 등기가 완료되면 소유주의 이름이 셀러에서 바이어로 바뀌게 됩니다. (가끔 시간상의 이유로 다음날로 넘어가는 경우도 있습니다.) 미국에는 디드(Deed)라는 것이 있습니다. 잠재적 인 소유권 분쟁을 방지하기 위해 보험에 가입합니다. ​ ​ 클로징 클로징 비용 클로징 비용에는 변호사 수임료, 타이틀 검사비, 타이틀 보험료, 주택 보험료, 3개월분 부동산 세금 등이 포함됩니다. 클로징 패키지 수령 등기 서류는 클로징 2개월 후 변호사 사무실로 배달됩니다. ​ ​ 주택 구입시 필요한 자금 필요 예산 주택 구입 비용은 아래와 같습니다. 정확한 비용은 상황에 따라 다를 수 있으니 참고만 하시길 바랍니다. 계약금 (Deposit) : $1,000~5,000 인스펙션 비용 (inspection fee) : $400~1,000 모기지 신청 비용 (Loan Origination Fee) : $1,000~1,500 주택 감정비용 (Appraisal fee) : $400 ~ 700 다운 페이먼트 (Down Payment) : 보통 주택 가격의 3~20% ( 더 하실수도 있습니다 ) 클로징 비용 (Closing Cost) : 보통 주택 가격의 1~5% 타이틀 보험 (Title Insurance) : $1,500~3,500 기타 비용 : $1,000 미만 다운페이를 제외한, 클로징 비용은 주택 가격의 1~4% 정도 추가로 준비해두는 것이 좋습니다. ​​ ​ 미국 주택 구입 시 주의사항 지역 선택 우리 가정에 꼭 필요한 것이 무엇인지 먼저 의논하셔서 정하시고, 그 중 제일 중요한 것 1-2 가지가 부합하는 지역을 선정 하시는 것이 힘 도 덜 들고 시간도 절약 될수 있습니다. ​ 오퍼 작성 경험과 실력이 있는 부동산 에이전트는 항상 셀러 에이전트와 좋은 유대관계를 유지하므로서 셀러가 지금 어떤 상황이며 무엇을 원하는지 최대한 알아내서 바이어에게 조언을 줄 것입니다. 물론, 마지막 결정은 본인이 하는 것이니 서로 잘 의논하고 결정을 내리시는 것이 좋습니다. ​ 주택 구매 하려면... 주택을 내가 원하는 시간에 구하려면 먼저 에이전트와 상담을 하시고 앞으로 어떻게 나아가야 하는지 상의 하시는게 좋습니다. 혼자서 집 찾아보거나, 구매 하는데 필요한 정보들을 알아보기는 쉽지가 않습니다. 하지만, 부동산 에이전트가 선정되면 훨씬 더 빠르고 정확한 정보를 알아보고 앞으로 어떻게 진행해야 하는지 알려드릴 수 있습니다. ​ 협상 모든 거래는 셀러와 협상이 가능합니다. 하지만, 협상을 어떻게 하는냐에 따라서 원하시는 집을 살수있는 찬스가 높아질수도 또는 낮아질수도 있습니다. 이 또한 에이전트가 얼마나 경험이 있고 상대 에이전트와의 유대 관계가 좋은가에서 달라질수 있는 것 입니다. Copyright 2021 Boston Choi All rights reserved.

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    Studio ~ 2 Bads​ ​ $ 1999 - $ 4202 ​ Note: Price and availability subject to change without notice.​ 돌아가기

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    When to buy a house It is a fundamental decision whether or not to buy a home, as well as the “gateway” that buyers must first go through to buy a house. However, in most cases, you don't feel much of the need to persuade you to buy a butler. This is because most of them already have a very strong craving for home purchases. (Rather, sometimes you have to dry it.) ​ However, there are often people who give up or put on hold after going to the house they wanted to buy. There may be many reasons, but the underlying one is this: Lack of concrete confidence in the benefits of homeownership. ​ ​ 3 Reasons to Buy a Home Financially 1. Home prices rise ​ Median home price in CA in 1983 $114,000 CA Median Home Price in 2018 $557,600 4.64% average annual increase rate over the past 35 years In the short term, the ups and downs are severe, but in the long term, an average of 4.5% per year is considered a reasonable forecast. Let's make 10 concessions and say 4%. Let's say 3.5%. Then the overall numbers will weaken, but the fundamental conclusion will come out the same. $500,000 now, 4.5% annual growth, about $2,000,000 after 30 years ​ ​ 2. Fixed housing cost ​ Another tremendous benefit of homeownership is the ability to fix housing costs. More precisely, the cost of housing a home decreases over time. In the above scenario, it starts at $2750 if you buy a house, but about $1100 after 30 years. Rentals start at $2200, but after 30 years they increase to about $6000. ​ ​ 3. Principal and tax benefits ​ Mortgage interest and property taxes are tax deductions. Starting at $2750, it's less expensive than renting $2200. However, considering the principal and tax deductions, the actual housing cost is around $2000. Rather, it is less than the $2200 rental. When looking at the reasons for buying a house and for continuing to rent, the following list is "generally". It's a subjective list. Individual differences can be large. If you can invest a little time to organize your priorities and adjust disagreements with your family, the process of buying a butler will be easier. Either actively push it forward with confidence, or hold it neatly... ​ ​ Reasons to buy a house Quality of life Pride Freedom (No Landlord) Privacy Children's psychological stability Usually a safer neighborhood, a good school district Better neighbor A sense of belonging as a member of a local community yard Pets Guest invitation Barbeque Party Decorating the house Interest and property tax credit Rising house prices The safest investment historically proven Capital protection (money that will disappear if you just have it Capital gains tax exemption benefits Principal Accumulation→ Forced Saving A financially distant perspective and consequent long-term financial planning Moderate and Strategic Spending Motivation to work harder Leverage (loan: the concept that you can buy a house with “others' money”) Economical loss when renting for a long time The best retirement funds Possibility to start with a small house and progress step by step Equity is extracted and used for business funds, etc. ​ ​ ​ Reasons to keep renting ​ Relatively small payment (at least initially) Small amount of money (usually 1-2 months deposit) High Mobility (easy to move around) Convenience (small burden on home repair/management) Concern over the possibility of a plunge in home prices Copyright 2021 Boston Choi All rights reserved.

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    ​Boston Property Search​ Agent Buyer One search site I'm looking at right now is enough. Listing information, which used to be exclusively for agents in the past, has been fully disclosed, and now it is a system that allows buyers to directly check all the products on the market. Zillow, Homesnap, Realtor.com listed above, Trulia, Redfin, and more are all great. All of them are the same, so you only have to look at one without looking at this or that. When it comes to home sales, except in very special cases, it is rare that even agents have hidden sales information. (On the other hand, investors can target a handful of items that are not "normally" on the market, which is itself a full-time job. It is a difficult area for regular buyers (even agents). ​ ​ MLS → All the Rest ​ Home sales in the United States begin with a seller giving an agent an Exclusive Listing. The agent that receives the listing uploads the listing to the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). MLS is a vast listing database that only agents can view. Almost all of the homes that are normally on the market are listed on MLS. (From my experience, it doesn't seem too much to say that it is over 95%.) ​ This is a system that embeds listing information on MLS from a third-party home search site. Until a few years ago, there were many errors and time lag in the process of transferring listing information to Zillow. But it has improved a lot over the years. Now, the time spent correcting incorrect listing information posted on Zillow and others to customers has been reduced a lot. ​ ​ You must look at the house by sorting out your priorities. (Neighborhood> Location> Structure> Condition> Finishing material) ​ This overflowing information was held in the hands of buyers, would it be beneficial or true? Of course, it is up to the buyer. Buyers generally tend to look backwards at the priorities listed above. The first thing buyers instinctively do in the home buying process is to go to the house. Without a systematic preparation process, I view photos of houses on my cell phone whenever I have a spare time. Then, when there is a house with a beautiful finish that has no bottom or end, you are interested. Then he goes to a mess and buys a house with agents and banks he doesn't know well. Later, when I woke up, I wasn't in town, not in school districts, not at home, not at prices, and on bad loans. Could this be? It's not just one or two people around me. ​ On the other hand, some buyers use this information for sale in preparation for buying a house. I systematically narrow down my neighborhood and draw a blueprint for the type of house I want. And most of these people go through the process of finding, organizing, and finishing by finding an expert at the end. ​ ​ You should try to find a “good agent” as much as a good home. In the age of overflowing information, the biggest mistake buyers make is to be able to buy a house by myself, and to watch the process of buying a house easily. Going home seems to be about 10% of what agents do when buying a home. Specific examples of what agents do to assist buyers can be found here. And once you have found a good agent , you have to take over. Anyway, the agents' intelligence is the same, so you don't have to go through multiple people, and if you spread them across multiple people, no one will work hard. ​ In fact, I don't feel much of the need to emphasize the need for an agent. At least 10 years have passed since search sites such as Zillow have been activated, but before and now, the dependence of buyers on agents is like a lie. No matter what statistics, it turns out that 9 out of 10 buyers still buy homes through agents. ​ One of the reasons is that buyers can see all of the listing information, but the tools and eyes to compare and digest the information cannot follow the agent. No matter how well Zillow and others are done, only the most basic information is provided compared to MLS. And what agents see (although more agents don't use these powerful tools…) systems like InfoSparks and RPR are also powerful tools to check market trends and detailed housing information at a glance. Copyright 2021 Boston Choi All rights reserved.

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    How to write an offer Offer pricing Buyer mistakes Features of a good house How to buy cheaper than the market price List of things to do Please sell it with As-Is The dangers of dual agencies How to bargain well Home buying strategy How to write competitive offers Common mistakes of buyers How will you price your offer? List of things to do before moving Key Points for Buyers' Smart Home Purchase How to write competitive offers ​ Win a competitive offer / get the best bargain regardless of the competition ​ ​ There are some people who have seen offers fell to 15 times when it was in the middle of a seller market. 4-5 times are normal. You must have heard the expressions “I fell again” from your acquaintances at least once. ​ On the other hand, in our case, even in the hottest seller market, the offer closing rate is around 70%. Other agents don't believe it. Is there any special secret? You can see below why our offers always compete for the first or second place in a multi-offer situation. ​ ​ From the listing agent's point of view, when 10 offers are received, only 2-3 offers are written neatly and convincingly. If buyers know how their agent represents them, they will probably be amazed. ​ The reason to write an offer well... ​ It is primarily to beat competing buyers. Not to mention the seller market, it is easy to get a good home from the buyer market. Even if you don't have competition, you need to write your offers to get a good bargain from sellers. And the contract fulfillment work is smooth when the offer is written well. ​ Buyers should look for agents who do these things better than those who are flashy and good at speaking. ​ How to write a killer offer ​ 1. Beyond the numbers... (Go Beyond the Numbers) ​ 2. Maintain objectivity ​ 3. Buyer agent's sincere attitude ​ 4. Reasonable offer price ​ 5. Proceeding faithfully to customs and practices ​ 6. Know the seller's situation ​ 7. Thorough loan preparation and document attachment work ​ ​ ​ Copyright 2021 Boston Choi All rights reserved.

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    Studio ~ 3 Beds​ ​ $ 2055 - $ 6785 ​ Note: Price and availability subject to change without notice.​ 돌아가기

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    바이어가 주목하는 단 2가지 최대의 스테이징 효과내기 리스팅 가격 결정 정확한 시세분석 어떻게 최고의 딜을 만들까? 셀러의 주택판매를 위한 핵심 전략 Maximum staging effect at a small amount ​ Isn't that the move you'll be doing anyway? ​ ​ We have been emphasizing staging since around 2004, when the word staging was still unfamiliar to even agents. In situations where it is difficult to hire a professional stager, we "staging" ourselves with the consent and cooperation of the seller. It cleans, relocates furniture, and puts small items. If you roll your arms out of any house and work for half a day, your house will change unknowingly. “Wow... is this my house? Does the agent work like this?” I often hear things like. After doing so much, it seems that we are now becoming “quasi” staging experts. Of course, it's not at the level of a professional company, but it's enough to make a big difference in the results. Our own staging service is of course free. I think it's a natural and natural role for a listing agent. Even if you hire a professional stager, we help you get the most out of every step. ​ It is now uncontroversial common sense in real estate that a house sells better with staging. Staging, of course, refers to decorating your home when you sell it. Putting a house on the market without staging is no different than going to meet people in pajamas. ​ Nevertheless, in the case of formal staging (although it varies depending on the price range), it seems that there are 2-3 out of 10. The cost is burdensome when the house is not sold yet, and it is difficult to decorate the house where we live. That said, don't give up at all. At least, you should do a major cleaning once. You can think of it as preparing in advance for the move you will be doing anyway. If you can earn $5000 by caring about 3-4 days, is there anyone who wouldn't do it? It's hard to prove, but I believe that the difference between $5000 can easily be done with a little effort. And there are many things that sellers can do themselves. In addition, it is correct to help the agent in some form of “staging”, one of the key preparations for selling the house. ​ The following is a description of the basic principles of staging and specific advice. Based on our many years of staging experience, here are some of the most practical things a seller can do. ​ ​ ​ Basic principles of staging Once you decide to sell your home, you have to start thinking of your home as a “good” to show to buyers, not where you live. Here are 4 words you need to remember to prepare a home that will appeal to buyers. ​ Simple Unless it's very flashy and stylish, it's best to be simple. Ideally, everything except furniture and accessories that would be "decorative" should be removed. Even daily necessities (toothbrush, dishcloth, cooking utensils, etc.) should be kept out of sight. It is good to be empty only when it is crude. When it is simple, it looks spacious, and the house looks more straightforward. ​ ​ Depersonalized (non-personalized) Buyers don't like too many family photos and decorations with too much personal taste. It's the same principle as not telling people about my personal life for the first time. Of course, it is neither possible nor necessary to completely eliminate the body odor of me and my family. However, it is better to commercialize your home in a somewhat neutral way. ​ ​ Working (without breakdown) You can't completely fix everything. In particular, old houses have a lot of functional problems. That doesn't mean that you can't sell your house. However, it's a good idea to fix things that can be fixed as much as possible. If you are fixing your home, the order will be to fix the things that buyers care more about and consider important. ​ ​ Clean From the outside and the inside, the feeling that the house is clean is very important. If it is clean, it can give the impression that the owners of these homes lived with good care. Sometimes I see houses that are not clean, and they have a negative effect on them beyond the feeling of being messy. ​ ​ ​ Specific method of staging 1.Make it Simple/Depersonalized Buy a few large and small moving boxes. I will move anyway. Put things that you don't use right away and don't need to decorate your home in advance. It's nice to have the house organized, and it's one stone and two to do things in advance. If there are many items that are not used and are not worth throwing away, do a Garage Sale or Donation. ​ I think I'm a buyer who came to see our house, and I look around the house from outside. Probably, you'll notice the odds and ends that you haven't seen even when you usually look at it, and the withered pots. Perhaps in an hour or two, you will be able to clean up some garbage. It is advisable to clear the road in front of your house if possible. In particular, dog excrement must be removed. (Advice from Open House's painful experience.) ​ Basketball Rule The ornaments are big ones. The Basketball Rule is to get rid of it because it can look crude if it is smaller than a basketball. ​ If it's a little vague, it's better to not have it at all. An empty house is better than a poorly decorated house. For furniture that doesn't fit in the assortment, it's better to leave it empty at all. It is better not to be cool and not flashy at all. In one space, you usually only need one ornament. ​ Living room first!!! The first space you see when entering through the front door is usually the living room. So, the order is to clean up and decorate the living room first. Then the kitchen and bathroom. Only the living room, kitchen, and bathroom can make a good impression even if they are clean and tidy. The room is relatively carefree. ​ Neutral color and atmosphere are good. If there is a red decoration on a light brown, dark brown, black or white background, you can create the most acceptable atmosphere. In any color, green pots go well together. Avoid atmospheres that are too dark, feminine/masculine, aggressive colors, or too strong personality. ​ In any house, there are several "treasures" hidden in warehouses or garages. Among the items stored in the warehouse or garage, there are a few items that can be used as ornaments. As you look around the objects, you can use items that you think are pretty as ornaments. However, remember the Basketball Rule. ​ If it's not “decorative”, put it all away. It is better to remove items that cannot be seen as ornaments among household items such as toothbrush and toothpaste. No one has ever seen a toothpaste toothbrush in a model home in a new home. ​ Relocate furniture. In life, the furniture is arranged “functionally”. Based on the convenience of living, the laid furniture is rearranged to a more general and balanced position. For example, if the sofas are scattered all over the place, put them together. ​ ​ 2. Make it Working If there are too many clumsy problems, it's a good idea to fix them in advance. You can also call Handyman or Plumber. The most noticeable light bulbs, water taps, loose door handles, torn window screens, etc. should be fixed as far as possible. ​ Termite Work is worth considering in advance. What you have to do to sell your house anyway. Houses that do not have a major problem are fine after entering the escrow, but houses that are old and may have a lot of problems can be prevented in advance by doing them in advance. ​ Doing an inspection in advance can also be a good preparation at times. For homes that can have a lot of problems, the seller can inspect them first. If you know the problems in advance, you can fix them in advance or notify the buyers to prevent potential conflicts with buyers in the future. ​ You can go one step further and do remodeling. They usually focus on toilets and bathrooms. You should carefully weigh it and report it. This is where the help of an expert is absolutely necessary. ​ ​ 3. Make it Clean Paint, paint, paint!!!! Paint is the most effective work with the least cost and effort. If the paint is dirty, it's worth the money. Probably, it will come back several times the value of what you invested in. ​ If the carpet or wooden floor is dirty, it should at least be cleaned. If it's very dirty, it's a good idea to change it. In some cases, giving buyers credit for choosing the color and type they want can be a good idea. But, overall, it's a good idea to change it in advance (if it's very dirty). ​ Professional cleaner Almost all sellers don't have the time and time to "hard and polish" their home. Remember, you can clean every corner of your home for very little. This will also be worth the investment. ​ Clean windows, mirrors, and curtains. If you look at it after hard cleaning and tidying, you often miss windows or glass. If you hire a professional cleaner, it's a good idea to order the windows directly. ​ The kitchen and toilet should be clean. In particular, it is better to remove molds from sinks or bathtubs. You can learn it without difficulty. If the bathtub is a lot dirty, you might want to consider Restoration. This, too, will be rewarding for your investment. ​ If you have a dog or cat... Buy a Deodorizer and Pet Hair Remover to remove odors and hair. If you smell a lot, you may need an air purifier. There are things worth about $100. ​ Keep your garden tidy. Mowing the lawn, cutting off dead branches, and planting pretty flowers to keep your garden clean and pretty. If you usually hire a gardener, you can make a "special order" to let them know you're selling your home and to make them look pretty. ​ Copyright 2021 Boston Choi All rights reserved.